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The Jordaan

The “Jordaan” in Amsterdam is surely the most described and romanticized city quarter in the Netherlands. As it was designed once for the underprivileged, today it is a favourite quarter for tourists and young entrepeneurs.

Many people wonder where the name Jordaan comes from. The most common explanation is that the word derived from the French 'jardin', which means garden. French immigrants from the 17th century would have called the quarter Jardin, because the first streets of the Jordaan are named to flowers.

Some say however that this name is inspired by the river Jordaan, the known water in the Holy Land.

Historian Kannegieter keeps the name from the French river Jordanne in Auvergne. This historian explains that the French compared this poluted river with the Prinsengracht (canal of the Prince), which wasn't clean at all that time.

The Jordaan is known for its many cafés. Earlier the café often was served as second livingroom, because for the large families there wasn't any space in their small homes.

The last years the Jordaan has become an alternative entertainment centre.

With it's many sociable, small cafés and restaurants it is mainly a favorite location for students and artists, but also more and more visitors from out of town have discovered the Jordaan as one of their favorite spots. In summermonths it is a beloved place during a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam to hop off for a bite and a drink. But it still needs a search for a free spot on one of the many terraces.

As soon as you set foot outside the frontdoor of The Bank hotel, you are located in one of the most vibrant places of Amsterdam.

The Haarlemmerstraat is one of the most pleasant shoppingstreets in Amsterdam. Thanks to many different shops, cafés and restaurants you taste the real Jordaan atmosphere and you do not become bored.